Meet the expert – Tom Athasit Amornthanomchoke,
an anti-ageing medicine & preventive medicine doctor

“If our mind gets sick, it can make our body sick as well.” 

Penkamol expresses her point of view that to be healthy, you must maintain balance between everything, particularly the three major factors of body, mind, and environment.

As a member of a Chinese family who grew up with traditional Chinese medicine, this is one of the reasons she chose to pursue this path, from bringing the right treatment and care to her family to bringing out the best in care and experience through Chinese medicine treatment.

Dr. Penkamol integrates RAKxa’s cutting-edge technologies in consonance with her expertise and years of traditional study to assess and treat guests across the full spectrum of their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Get to know our expert in traditional Chinese medicine through this video and set your vital life’s force in a positive flow with her at RAKxa Wellness.