3 Throat Chakra Healing Crystals

to Help Express Your True Self

Have you ever tensed up or stressed out from having  trouble speaking your truth?

This might be hints that your throat chakra is a bit out of whack. Somehow, crystal is the right healer for this unwell sign.

Apart from enhancing better sleep, inner strength, to help quell anxiety, and attract abundance, crystals also help balance our chakras. To wrap up,  our energetic bodies have seven main chakras that run along the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are seven chakras, each of which influences a different aspect of awareness and life force. The fifth chakra, the throat chakra, is located in the neck and throat area. It’s all about communication, self-expression, speaking your truth, and being authentic.

When the throat chakra is out of balance, physical and mental symptoms might arise. Physical effects include a stiff neck and shoulders, thyroid abnormalities, speech disorders, or hearing problems. When it comes to your emotional state, you’re bound by shyness, social anxiety, and the inability to express yourself.

As a rule of thumb, each and every blue crystal can benefit in bringing harmony to the throat chakra because blue is the colour connected with it. Aquamarine, Chalcedony, and Turquoise crystals from RAKxa JAI’s crystal healing treatments assist to balance your throat chakra, allowing your lips and inner self to finally be free to express who you truly are without overwhelming anxiety or stress.

Benefits of 3 throat chakra healing crystals from RAKxa JAI:

  • Aquamarine: The stone of courage, believed to be the most powerful crystal for cleansing and activating the throat chakra. Aquamarine encourages energy to flow from the heart to the throat, resulting in better and more honest communication, tolerance, and compassion. It also soothes fears surrounding the throat, loosening the grip of anxiety, and keeping you connected to your one true voice.
  • Chalcedony: Blue Chalcedony’s tranquillity, calmness, and trust are woven into the fabric of the room. You can express yourself with a featherlight touch while maintaining the weight of your words with the help of chalcedony. It also supports the prevention of rash and thoughtless communication by helping you speak from a stance of wisdom rather than from a state of rage.
  • Turquoise: A stone of self-acceptance and forgiveness. Turquoise enhances your ability to communicate between the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as your ability to look into the past and take action in pursuit of truth and wholeness. With this crystal, you can communicate more clearly and openly in order to help people understand more of you.


Feel free from stress and the cage of your mind with our Crystal Healing Therapy. Be the best as you desire for today, at RAKxa Wellness.

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