Digital Detox

In an age when we are bombarded with notifications that take us away from the present moment, we are, alas, more connected to social media than ever before. A “digital detox,” brought up more recently on the wellness path as a period of time for you to voluntarily refrain from using digital devices as the key to staying healthy in our hyperconnected world. 

Today, our devoted ayurvedic doctor from RAKxa JAI, Dr. Dinesh Singh, will be guiding you with some of the most effective ways to enter a state of mental and physical relaxation.

– Set time boundaries or schedule tech-free hours each day.

– Turn off notifications or log out of social networks

– Engage yourself in outdoor activities.

– Reward yourself with tech-free times.

Disconnecting from digital devices and attempting to use them less while observing the state of your body and mind as your overall well-being has improved

Discover a digital detox through this video and freely embark on your wellness journey here at RAKxa Wellness