Energy cleansing
every full moon

Last night was not only the Loy Krathong festival, which serves as a reminder of the river’s importance in balancing nature and life. But it is also a Full Moon Night, the night is filled with natural energy that can help cleanse our bodies and minds of negative energy.

There are many common beliefs about how the full moon can influence everything from reproductive health to sleep quality and beyond. And it is also  an excellent time to evaluate your goals and harness the energetic power from the new moon.

Instead of producing its own light, the Moon acts as a cosmic mirror that reflects the light of the Sun. Thus, when the moon is completely full, you have reached the spiritual and energetic apex of the new moon. This indicates that the moon receives, modifies and distributes the light received from the sun and transforms it into a cooling, cleansing and soothing energy.

From the aforementioned occurrences, several natural cycles have reproduced such as reef coral, some fish including tidal current that are roughly synchronised with lunar phases. Thus, energy cleansing on a full moon day is all about fresh starts and setting your intentions for the cycle.

For this year, we are also giving away as usual for energy cleansing during the full moon, but even more exclusively with the “singing bowl concert,” a deep, sensual ritual that allows our guests to be more than just relaxed by passing on positive energy and vibration to create a memorable experience on the night of the full moon that you can’t find anywhere else but here at RAKxa Wellness.

3 benefits of singing bowls that will enhance your life:
     –  Improve sleep and help with depression
     –  Calming with the mood
     –  Deepen meditation and focus


Create the best memory of a full moon night in Bangkok at RAKxa Wellness.