Meet the expert
Oil Waranya Masook
a senior holistic therapist

RAKxa Wellness extends a warm welcome to the season of the beginning. This time of the year, we would like to introduce you to Waranya Masook, an energy healer who passes on positive energy to everyone.

Please let your body flow with the energy of nature…

With her belief that our body is instilled with a subtle energy, the flow must be balanced for good health, and she wishes to investigate alternative ways to help others heal or reduce mental stress. This is the reason that she has become  interested in energy healing.

“Simply comparing it to peeling an onion, until we see the onion’s innermost layer, which is the cleanest and brightest”

Waranya compares peeling an onion to energy healing, saying that the more we practise, the more at ease and relieved we will feel with ourselves.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a physical illness or are experiencing physical pain, you can all benefit from energy healing. Because energy healing enhances your sense of well-being and reconnects you with your true self.

Energy healing can be integrated and treated alongside other medical services, whether it is exercises, physical therapies, or administering medical care such as intravenous vitamin (IV) infusions, because we want everyone to be in good health both inside and out and, importantly, in mind and spirit.

Bridge the gap between body and mind to achieve overall wellness at RAKxa Wellness.