Keep your body and digestive system happy and healthy
after Ramadan

In a month of giving and generosity, where the holiest and most precious moments are forged during Ramadan season, staying energised and healthy are the strived-for goals to connect more deeply with yourself and the ties that bind your mind.

To reach your optimal goal during this blessed period, it’s important to be mindful of the potential health impacts that come with a shift in our normal mealtime routines. While the non-regular eating routine process can provide much-needed rest and recovery for our bodies, it could also have long-term effects and potential health changes that may arise after the month is over, such as digestive problems, dehydration, disturbed sleep, weight gain, etc., caused by a combination of factors, such as the slowing of our metabolism due to long periods of fasting, inactivity and lethargy after iftar, and excessive consumption of high-calorie foods and sweets.

RAKxa brings you a deep dive into fully integrated wellness programmes and long-term changes to your lifestyle to support your health as a whole and stay in balance. All hands of RAKxa’s health specialists will prioritise and help you maintain the changes in your hormones, gut health, and weight that occur during and after this blessed time, with our modern technologies integrated with eastern remedies, wellness cuisine, and uniquely designed exercises to help you achieve your optimum health goals and depart the season feeling healthier and lighter.