An all-encompassing, 3-step TTM treatment designed to restore women’s health

Age-related and postpartum hormone changes cause many women’s appearance, mood, and physical characteristics to begin to shift in their 30s. Whether you’re pregnant, postpartum, or a health-savvy woman, RAKxa Wellness is inviting you to experience our all-encompassing, 3-step treatment of Thai herbal medicine designed to deeply restore your women’s health at an optimum level.

Traditional Thai Women’s Care at RAKxa Wellness is exclusively created to take care of women’s health based on the expertise of Thai traditional medicine doctors at RAKxa JAI, the other alternative approach of RAKxa Wellness. In this 80-110-minute session, you will individually receive 3 main treatment steps that help enhance women’s hormones, mood, and blood flow to return back into balance again, including Traditional Thai Hot Seat Medicated Charcoal Therapy (Nung-Tan), Traditional Thai Salt Pot Therapy, and Traditional Thai Woman Care Massage (Uterine Massage), over a personalised period of time, as well as other complementary treatments based on your health condition, to ensure that you receive the most suitable and efficient care.

  1. Traditional Thai Hot Seat Medicated Charcoal Therapy (Nung-Tan)

Hot herbal therapy to alleviate perineal inflammation for postpartum mothers can help restore the fire element and balance in your body after childbirth. It also helps to tighten the uterus, return it to its proper position, and eliminate amniotic fluid. It also helps relieve vaginal discharge, menstrual cramps, haemorrhoids and urinary incontinence.

  1. Traditional Thai Salt Pot Therapy

A Thai traditional ritual that combines Thai massage techniques with hot salt pot compresses to relieve abdominal, thighs and lower back muscle tension. Each compress contains a blend of coarse salt and medical herbs. This special technique includes putting the warm pot on the energy points with different pressures and passing the warm pot over the whole body or the problematic areas, which is excellent for menstrual discomfort.

  1. Traditional Thai Women’s Care Massage (Uterine Massage)

A medical science of the East, a natural technique to get healthier, especially for women and their uterus. The remedy regulates the blood flow of the entire body by thumb pressing on the energy line and on the abdomen profoundly on nerve points, as well as strengthening the inside of the womb. It also aids in the release of the hormone and relieves menstrual cramps. This results in happiness, stress, and pain relief, which also assists the new mother’s recovery and return to optimal health.

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