Restoring Your Crown Glory

New traditional Chinese treatment to help prevent hair-loss

When we first noticed a few stray hairs on our brush, we didn’t realise that our scalp was already starting to show through in places. Even if there is a genetic component to pattern baldness, there are other factors such as environmental and lifestyle to consider. The underlying reasons for your hair loss, however, can be remedied or prevented once it’s addressed right.

People who don’t get enough of certain vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins and zinc, are at a higher risk of experiencing hair loss. Both the thickness and volume of your hair are also affected by physical and mental stress. While stress and anxiety are known to exacerbate disorders like alopecia and trichotillomania, hair loss or greying can affect anyone during times of significant stress.

Chinese medicine has been used for centuries to treat hair loss, and it has done so successfully for both men and women.

According to Chinese medicine, the key to healthy hair is a balanced flow of qi and blood to the scalp. Stress and hormonal imbalances are common causes of qi and blood stagnation, whereas insufficient nutrition or poor absorption of nutrients are common causes of blood and qi stagnation, which can prevent sufficient nourishment from reaching the scalp, leading you to experience hair loss.

At RAKxa Wellness, we provide Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments to prevent you from experiencing hair loss. We focus on creating balance and harmony in the body by improving blood and qi circulation by using one of the acupuncture techniques called Scalp Acupuncture in combination with the use of seven star needles, which helps improve the flow of qi and blood to the scalp and encourages hair regrowth.

The use of seven star needles has been shown to increase circulation to the scalp, remove blocked meridians, strengthen qi (energy), and stimulate the production of new cells in the hair follicles. By stimulating the nerve endings immediately under the skin with the shallow insertion of multiple needles, hair regrowth is noticeably impacted as new cells are generated.

What makes RAKxa Wellness’s alternative medical treatment stand out from others is that we usually use both specific treatments for addressing your specific problem and a holistic approach with a modern medical approach combined with nutritional suggestions and lifestyle changes to target the root of the cause as a whole to prevent you from the cause of your discomfort in the long run.

Discover experiences that leave a lasting impression on you, and let your mind, body, and spirit bask in the confidence that comes from having accomplished something truly meaningful.

Being well and looking well. Start here with us at RAKxa Wellness.

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