Traditional Thai Medicine
At RAKxa Wellness

Today (29 October 2022), RAKxa Wellness celebrates the national day of traditional Thai medicine wisdom by highlighting the knowledge science of traditional Thai medicine.

Traditional Thai medicine has achieved worldwide recognition

The knowledge science of traditional Thai medicine, which derives from the cultural diversity that represents the foundation of the Thai nation, as well as the ancient Thai wisdom that has been passed down through the generations.

The beauty that makes traditional Thai medicine distinct from other approaches

Using food as a form of treatment is one of Thailand’s attractions. According to Thai wisdom, numerous herbs are utilised in cooking and food’s flavours are crucial in the treatment of both diseases, whether it be seasonal food or healthcare foods to alleviate illness. Moreover, there are many methods based on Thai culturally appropriate practices, such as herbal showers, herbal steam, and herbal baths that utilise local herbs.

At RAKxa, we maintain the authenticity of tradition

RAKxa carries on the tradition of traditional Thai medicine by utilising knowledge from Thai medicine scriptures, Thai pharmaceuticals, Thai procedure medicine, and Thai midwives, as well as the knowledge of traditional practitioners including the insight from the family of Thai physicians who treat patients at the royal palace

With RAKxa’s traditional Thai approach, every guest gets to know themselves better

We introduce guests to their four elemental selves so that they may gain a better understanding of their own bodies, take better care of their health, and receive treatment that preserves the original owner’s characteristics.

Consider food as medicine

A simple way to help you approach the path of good health is through food, because Thai cuisine contains medicinal properties. And particularly this winter we will mostly get symptoms from the water- element imbalance, including the common cold, runny nose, and air allergy.

Here begins the experience that can craft your life a better journey with Traditional Thai medicine at RAKxa Wellness.