Meet the expert
Aey Chatchanok Srichang,
a traditional Thai medicine practitioner

Meet the expert this November, RAKxa Wellness introduces Chatchanok Srichang, a traditional Thai medicine practitioner and “World’s Best Massage Nation” award winner at the World Championship Massage Competition. 

An inspirational person who believes that to be in good health is founded on natural principles. If you understand nature, you will understand yourself.

“Where there’s a hand, there’s a mind.” 

Chatchanok describes the simple keywords that her master always said.

Because she desires a new challenge in life, a spa therapist of more than 18 years has switched to traditional Thai medicine. It revealed that her hands were like magical equipment that healed so many people. This is certified by her participation in the World Championship Massage Competition and her clients’ overwhelmingly positive feedback because she believes that everyone is her family and she will treat everyone at her best.

It is as though she has X-rays in her head and eyes so she can see through muscle, skin, tendon, and blood vessel layers and heal individuals with her own hands. 

The distinctiveness of traditional Thai medicine at RAKxa Wellness is that we integrate holistic science and provide such an opportunity for traditional Thai medicine because…

We believe in heritage wisdom and that “health is indeed true wealth.”