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How Poor Gut Health Can Increase Anxiety and Depression Risk & What to Eat to Help ?

You probably knew that there was some link between your stomach and your brain because the relationship between the two is closer than you think. 

Do certain situations make you “feel nauseous”? Or have you ever experienced a “butterfly stomach”? These expressions are used for a reason. It is a fact that the gut is our second brain. Thus, the gut-brain connection links mental illnesses to stomach issues and vice versa.

Through this gut-brain connection, gut health can also have an effect on depression, anxiety, and panic disorder and a key player in this is the gut microbiome.

Discover how poor gut health can affect mental health and find out what to eat or do to help you balance a healthy gut with Dr. Nattida Sribuathong, a gastroenterologist who specialises in gut health and liver health as well as anti-ageing and preventive medicine at RAKxa Wellness.