Nutrition: Healing Cuisine

Rooted in the ancient practice of food as medicine, we view nutrition as more than just sustenance—it's a cornerstone of your wellness and vitality. Our approach to nutrition is inspired by centuries of wisdom from Eastern traditions and grounded in modern nutritional science, where each dish is crafted to nourish.

Supporting the Body’s Innate Capacity to Heal

Our culinary team, comprised of chefs, nutritionists, and traditional medicine specialists, craft menus that support gut health, reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins and restore balance in symbiosis with your selected programme.

Nutrition Philosophy


Synbiotics is a key nutritional principle at RAKxa, which refers to a combination of prebiotics and probiotics, working together synergistically to aid digestive health. We include a selection of foods, such as our homemade kombucha, to promote a thriving gut microbiome and in turn, your mental and physical wellbeing.


Processed and contaminated foods can trigger inflammation, compromising your body's defenses and leaving you vulnerable to general unhealth, but also major diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and diabetes. With a deep understanding of the imbalances caused by the average modern-day diet, we prioritise an anti-inflammatory menu that restores your body's vital forces from the inside out.

Organic + Seasonal

We prioritise the freshest, most nutrient-rich ingredients, sourced locally and harvested at the peak of their season, including those from our very own organic farm. By embracing the bounty of each season, we ensure that our cuisine is not only bursting with flavour but also brimming with nutrients. From farm to table, we place great emphasis on the origins of each dish, the value of seasonality, and the benefits of sustainable eating, providing you with the purest and most nourishing meals during your stay with us, supporting your journey toward wholeness.


At RAKxa, we understand that each individual is unique in their nutritional needs, dietary preferences, and health goals. We offer personalised nutritional plans tailored to your needs. Our nutritionists work closely with you, providing flexibility and support. The option of detailed lab diagnostics ensure precision and targeted interventions for optimal wellness.

Advanced Diagnostics
& Personalised Nutrition

For more comprehensive care, our team of nutritionists stand ready to work closely with you to deliver personalised nutritional plans and expert guidance. The availability of advanced labs and diagnostics, such as intestinal profiles and micronutrient testing, guarantees precise and targeted interventions aimed at restoring vitality and balance.

Dishes that Delight

We believe that food should not only nourish the body but also delight the senses, promoting health without sacrificing flavour. The menu draws inspiration from Thai cuisine for lunch and Western cuisine for dinner.

Our Restaurant: UNAM

UNAM offers both indoor and outdoor dining experiences. Choose your favourite spot based on your mood and preference.

Private Cooking Class

Book a private cooking class to come away with your favourite RAKxa recipes.


Herbal Teas as a Medicinal Beverage

Visit our Teahouse to explore a world of herbal remedies, with hundreds of blends awaiting your discovery. From soothing brews to invigorating infusions, each cup is meticulously prepared to elevate your state of being.

Nature’s Elixirs

For centuries, cultures worldwide have brewed nature's wisdom into herbal teas, harnessing their power to promote wellbeing. Our tea sommeliers collaborate with our traditional medicine doctors to curate personalised brews aligned with your wellness goals.

Savour your cup of delicious medicinal tea, foster meaningful connections, and know you are doing good for yourself.


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