A sustainable way for you to redress your lifestyle’s imbalances, in line with
your body type and genome, to co-achieve your ideal weight with a team of industry-leading doctors. The Body Light program is designed to help your weight management and lifestyle changes last a lifetime



Single staring from THB 499,000.-/person

Double starting from THB 449,000.-/person


Single staring from THB 620,000.-/person

Double starting from THB 550,000.-/person

Doctor Consultation23
Health & Wellness Consultation22
Nutrition & Dietetics Consultation11
RAKxa Functional Fitness Assessment11
Comprehensive Blood Test 11
Comprehensive Urine Test11
Comprehensive Stool Test11
Doctor Consultation21
RAKxa Relaxing Massage – RAKxa’s signature pressure rhythm defined as a mind-body tonic11
Personalised Corrective Exercise – Posture correction and alignment for balanced muscle movement34
Pilates One on One – Horizontal exercise for core and deep layers of muscle strengthening22
Udvarthanam – An all-over body massage with therapeutic herbs powders helps in fat burning22
Chi Nei Tsang – Gentle deep abdominal massage for immunity strengthening11
Acupuncture & Moxibustion – Chinese medicine technique using sterile needles and the burning of mugwort11
Deep Tissue Massage – Physiological acupressure massage for tightness in deep layers of muscles11
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Gentle pressure and rhythmic circular massage for natural drainage flow11
Thai Traditional Prakob & Massage – Blended techniques used to relieve aches, sore muscles, and energise the muscles11
Head to Toe Stretch – A one-on-one passive stretching class as a great way to cool down, relax, and increase your flexibility11
4 Hands Body Firming Massage – A replenishing treatment bestows perfect tone, elasticity, and moisture balance to the skin23
Facial Treatment -Mainly designed to improve moisture balance, restore luminosity, and leave skin looking rested and refreshed11
Cryo Sauna Therapy – Cold therapy used to promote body’s natural healing and rejuvenation11
Whole Body Light Therapy – Light therapy treats injuries and eases pain in muscles and joints11
Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy – Oxygen therapy helps fight bacteria and promotes cell recovery11
Indiba RF for Abdomen & Upper Thigh – Cells and metabolism balance to help eliminate cellulite without damage44
Saxenda Injection – An injectable medication used to enhance weight loss and maintenance11
IV Infusion – Designed to deliver vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream22
Colon Hydrotherapy & Probiotic Replacement Therapy – A rejuvenating, relaxing, and highly effective colon cleansing treatment11

Other Special Offers

Sense of RAKxa

The authentic journey designed for true personalisation based on health concerns, with the goal of attaining optimal wellbeing through the therapeutic combination of ancient wisdom and modern science.

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Rest & Reset

Unwind chronic stress by combining the power of alternative remedies based on scientific treatments to deeply distress you on many levels, allowing you to be completely relaxed and truly restful at the root of your cells.

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Cleanse & Purify

Comprehensive alternative detox treatment blended with supportive medical treatment to fundamentally alter the toxins in your body and soul.

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