Ideal for all novices to the RAKxa authentic and traditional experience. Embrace the alternative approach to wellness as we support you on your journey towards optimal wellbeing.



Single staring from
THB 138,000.-/person

Double starting from
THB 116,000.-/person

Doctor Consultation1
Health & Wellness consultation1
RAKxa Functional Fitness Assessment1
RAKxa Relaxing Massage – RAKxa’s signature pressure rhythm defined as a mind-body tonic1
RAKxa Stress Release Treatment – Stress & strain reliever focusing on muscle’s deeper layers1
Mindfulness Meditation – Breathing practice to bring yourself present and deep state of relaxation1
Private Tai Chi – Private exercise inspired by Chinese martial arts to promote present of movement awareness1
Zenna Tai – Soothing stroke focuses on the abdominal & craniosacral areas1
Marma Healing Massage – Ayurvedic oil massage to stimulate the energy point1
Scalp Massage – Stress-relieving head massage designed to relax the mind1

Choices of Medical Treatment*

Profacial / Physio Treatment Session / Immune Myer IV / Beauty Refresh IV / Metabolism Booster IV / Blood Ozone IV /
Whole Body Light Therapy / Cryosauna / Hyperbaric Chamber / Colon Hydrotherapy / Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (PMS) /
Tesla Former / Toxic Metal Profile (Urine)


Choices of medical treatment – May choose from Profacial, Physio treatment session, Immune Myer IV, Beauty Refresh IV, Metabolism, Booster IV, Whole Body Light Therapy, Cryosauna, Hyperbaric Chamber, Colon Hydrotherapy, Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (PMS)

Other Special Offers

Rest & Reset

Unwind chronic stress by combining the power of alternative remedies based on scientific treatments to deeply distress you on many levels, allowing you to be completely relaxed and truly restful at the root of your cells.

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Cleanse & Purify

Comprehensive alternative detox treatment blended with supportive medical treatment to fundamentally alter the toxins in your body and soul.

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Body Light

Co-achieve your ideal weight with a team of industry-leading doctors. The Body Light program is designed to help your weight management.

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