Empowering Communities

In collaboration with the Subdistrict Administrative Organisation, RAKxa has developed a community well-being project focused on elevating standards of health and food safety for those in the community.

Since the pre-opening period, RAKxa has assisted with the renovation of many households in the local area, and participated in the “School Kitchen” project to educate children and adults about nutrition and healthy eating.

Grow Stronger Together

RAKxa encourage local farmers and growers to practice organic farming methods in Thailand. We  turned an 8-rai (3.16 acres) of unused land into an organic farm and our vegetables, fruits, and decorative flowers are locally sourced from within the community.

From Waste to Worth

We convert food waste into bio-fertiliser and collaborate with local temples to turn plastic bottles into monk’s robes. 

We are also are in the process of  producing our staff uniforms from recycled plastics.