Before we can come up with any healing solution, it is important for you and us to understand the root/underlying cause of the imbalance/dis-ease i.e. physical, emotional, trauma, lifestyle - a starting point of getting to know yourself.

When you first arrive at RAKxa, you will go through the Integrative Diagnostics. Because we believe in treating you as a whole, therefore, we will need to diagnose you as whole. This includes your body, mind, and your lifestyle.

The integrative diagnostic process involves the in-depth tests and assessments of your current health state, done by your wellness advisors, medical doctors, and the team of specialists from all fields of healing. This wholeness understanding of you will help identify the starting point of the imbalance/dis-ease.

Our comprehensive range of diagnostics are Muscle, Bone, Hormones Panel, Inflammation, Body Composition, Blood, Stool, DNA, Hair, Eyes, Nails, Vitality (Qi), Food Intolerance Test, Micronutrients, Toxic Metals Profile, spirometer, and Facial Skin Analysis (VISIA).

The analysis of your health will then be used to define your personal health goal, and design a healing system which will help you to reach one’s wholeness by restoring, rebalancing and optimising your health through our Integrative Solution.

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