RAKxa Wellness Spa
at St Regis Aspen


An Extension of RAKxa’s Integrative Wellness System

At RAKxa Wellness Spa, we believe that it's about more than just relaxation - it's about rebalancing your mind and body. Drawing on the knowledge we have coming from an integrative wellness perspective, we elevate your spa experience by blending complementing therapies and techniques to create innovative treatments.


RAKxa at St Regis Aspen

As extension of our fully Integrative Wellness Retreat in Bangkok we have partnered with the St. Regis to offer RAKxa's Wellness Spa in the heart of Aspen.


Signature Treatments

The three rebalancing treatments are the essence of RAKxa Wellness Spa, inspired by multiple healing therapies including Physiotherapy, Traditional Thai Medicine, Ayurveda, and Energy Healing to address the issue of fatigue on a physical, mental, emotional and energy level.

RAKxa Good Night Sleep

Perfect for those who are looking for deeper sleep or experiencing jet lag, this treatment gently prepares your body and mind for rest, and rebalances mental and emotional fatigue. A full body massage employs soothing strokes to relax the body. An energy point scalp massage releases tensions in the mind. Singing bowls are played to rebalance the energy centres (the chakras), allowing guests to slip into a meditative state. RAKxa Deep Sleep essential oil blend is used for its calming and healing properties.


RAKxa Tension Release

Inspired by the wisdom of traditional Thai medicine and physiotherapy, this special treatment blends Thai massage, Thai warrior massage and full head-to-toe stretching. Pressure and acupressure techniques are applied along the body’s ten principal meridian lines to remove blockages within the body’s wind element pathways associated with nerves and circulation, while deep stretching rehydrates the fascia. Addressing physical fatigue and for those looking to relieve muscle tensions from over exertion or prolonged immobility.


Seven Chakra Hot Stone Massage

Combines a hot stone massage with energy healing, using warm natural stones to release muscle tension with long, kneading strokes. Seven crystals that align with the major chakras are placed on the body for emotional healing and rebalancing. The treatment concludes with a facial massage that uses the cooling properties of rose quartz crystals to reduce inflammation.


Wisdom & Innovation

RAKxa Wellness Spa applies traditional wisdom by integrating therapies from different cultures to innovate its treatments, combining them into pairings that complement each other to promote rebalance more effectively.

About St Regis Aspen

Embrace the extraordinary at the newly transformed and renovated, St. Regis Aspen Resort, a luxury destination nestled at the base of Aspen Mountain. The St. Regis Aspen Resort is a year-round, four-season destination for exquisite experience in a relaxed mountain setting, which attracts visitors seeking outdoor adventures as well as those in search of an indulgent retreat.


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