Synergistic Integration
Amplified Benefits

Our integrative system merges ancient wisdom with cutting-edge medicine to craft a personalised healing journey tailored to your health objectives. Our combination of therapies and interdisciplinary collaboration between teams, multiply the benefits and learnings that lead you to lasting change.


Wholeness, the Ultimate State of Wellbeing

Wholeness is the ultimate state of wellbeing, a radiant state where every facet of your being converges in perfect harmony.

At RAKxa, we understand that embracing wholeness isn't just about addressing isolated health concerns; it's about nurturing a holistic ecosystem of wellness from within that fortifies you against life's challenges and propels you towards your fullest potential. 


The Journey

At the heart of our approach is You



Beyond Symptom Relief,
Addressing the Root of Your

RAKxa's Integrative Diagnostics delve deep into understanding your health, identifying underlying imbalances. Our comprehensive tests and assessments conducted by our interdisciplinary teams, create the foundation for your personalised treatment plan.


Your Personalised Treatment Plan

After uncovering your health aspirations and analysing your diagnostic data, RAKxa goes beyond the surface to craft a personalised treatment plan based on 4 key pillars: Therapy, Nutrition, Rest, and Lifestyle.

Addressing the entirety of a person's wellbeing and establishing a sense of wholeness requires more than just one or two therapeutic methods. We implement a thoughtful integration of time-tested wisdom and modern medicine, strategically combining treatments to magnify the healing benefits you will experience, extending far beyond your stay with us.



Our Therapeutic Modalities

Longevity Medicine

We utilise an array of state-of-the-art technologies to craft meticulously tailored treatments focused on enhancing the health and extending the longevity of our guests. Our unwavering commitment lies in providing the highest standards of medical care, granting our guests access to the most advanced and personalised longevity solutions within a serene environment. These transformative treatment sessions take place at our esteemed scientific wellness clinic, Vitalife.

Physical & Sports Therapy

We utilise cutting-edge technology and expertise from physiotherapy and sports medicine. Through a comprehensive assessment including analysis of posture, stability, endurance, strength, coordination, and everyday movement patterns using olympic grade equipment such as Gait Analysis, Huber Functional Assessment, and Keiser Biomechanic Gravity-Free exercise, we tailor training plans aimed at correcting issues and enhancing neuromuscular function. The precision, skill, and care of our team will identify and correct any imbalances or limitations, and guide you toward optimal physical performance, and injury prevention.


Ayurveda, an ancient Indian practice, focuses on harmonizing the Doshas—Pitta, Vata, and Kapha—which govern our bodily functions and constitution, ensuring balance through practices like yoga and dietary choices. When imbalance occurs, Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe personalised herbal regimens to restore harmony, addressing both Dosha imbalances and impaired digestion, known as Agni, which leads to toxin accumulation. Panchakarma detoxification procedures are then employed to cleanse the body, enhance circulation, and rejuvenate digestion, ultimately promoting holistic wellness and vitality.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Rooted in the belief that harmony within oneself and the environment is key to well-being, traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) seeks to realign Yin and Yang energies using the elemental forces of fire, earth, water, wood, and metal. Our therapeutic interventions, guided by TCM masters, encompass diverse modalities such as acupuncture, cupping, and massage, alongside mind-body practices like tai chi and qigong, fostering optimal movement and holistic energy healing.

Traditional Thai Medicine

Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) perceives the human body as a composite of four essential elements: earth, water, wind, and fire, each unique in balance for every individual. Rooted in ancient wisdom and refined through generations, our TTM encompasses a rich diagnostic protocol, herbal formulas, and treatment techniques, ensuring holistic wellness tailored to each individual's elemental constitution.

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine, a healing practice rooted in the the dynamic flow of vibrational energy, spans centuries and diverse cultural traditions. At RAKxa, our practitioners masterfully employ various techniques, including singing bowls from Tibet, chakra and pranic healing from Ayurveda, crystal healing from Ancient Egypt and Greece, and Reiki from Japan.


Our hydrothermal facilities offer a range of experiences, from a herbal steam using garden-picked herbs to an infrared sauna and a sensory experience shower. Completing the cycle are the vitality pool and cold plunge pool, incorporating hot and cold therapy. These sessions are meticulously crafted to cleanse, heal, and promote mental tranquility through the therapeutic properties of water.

Therapeutic Spa

Our Therapeutic Spa integrates diverse techniques, offering facials and body treatments, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, and hot stone massages. Experience our RAKxa therapeutic water session, including flotation in mineral-rich water reminiscent of the Dead Sea with the meditative vibrations of singing bowls.


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