The Life & Soul Longevity Retreat At Rakxa With Dr. Deepak Chopra

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on an exclusive personal retreat with world renown wellness expert Dr Deepak Chopra.

You will discover life changing practices to improve your health-span, including advanced spiritual meditation techniques, personally tailored cutting-edge diagnostics and bespoke treatment plans provided by RAKxa and Dr Chopra and leading scientific breakthroughs on longevity. Visiting health and wellness experts chosen by Dr Chopra will also be included in the programme.

“At the new Deepak Chopra Life and Soul Retreat with RAKxa in Thailand, we are combining the cutting edge medical diagnostics, treatments with ancient healing wisdoms and teachings.

We will work on all aspects of your WellBeing together:
- We are offering the latest biomarkers for assessing health and biological fitness along with practical ways to regulate mind, body and spirit as a unified process.

- We will explore well documented scientific techniques for healing. It is our belief that a joyful energetic body, loving compassionate heart, quiet creative mind and lightness of being along with a self regulating biology optimized for homeostasis are the ideal landscape for longevity and Healthspan.

This is the true example of integrative WellBeing at its best.”

- Dr Deepak Chopra

Sessions Hosted By
Dr Deepak Chopra

Included At The Life And Soul Longevity Retreat

Longevity Talks
Intention Setting
Sunrise Meditation
Sunset Meditation
Group Pranayama
Group Breathwork Yoga
Group Q&A Sessions Dr Anu Singh and Dr Manu Juggi

State-of-the-Art Medicine Meets Traditional Wisdom

RAKxa’s Integrative approach consists of a series of diagnostics to help guests define their own health goals, which are then achieved through personalised solutions that involve an unrivalled selection of both medical science andcomplementary holistic treatments.


Retreat Information
And Bookings

Price Per Person: GBP 17,000
Dates: 20th – 25th March 2024

Location: 28/8 Wat Bang Nam Phueng Alley, Phra Pradaeng District,
Bangkok, Thailand 10130

For Inquires Please Contact:
Call: +66 2055 3100
WhatsApp: +66 65 950 6388

Please contact our reservations team for inquires regarding
additional nights or treatments.

Strictly Limited to 20 Spaces